Like a Train

Back at Shed-X it took Jim no time at all to announce the clutch as completely knackered. Shame, as it was a Barnett clutch – known to be more robust and durable than the standard Ducati item. Supposedly.  Ha!

Jim occasionally does some paint-spraying for a Ducati aficionado and local legend (and definitely eccentric) Ian Gowanloch. Ian and Jim have an informal contra payment system. Jim recently received two Surflex clutches in return for a few painted tanks and panels. La Duchessa is now adorned with one of these finely engineered items.

New s

The eagle eyed among you may be about to send me a message having spotted the empty oil sight glass. Fear not, there’s sufficient oil, it’s just that the motorcycle was leaning on its very short side stand.

Today I took a train to Jim’s and rode back. The train journey was magnificent: the track runs along the coast in parts and I felt like Michal Palin doing an episode of ‘Great Railway Journeys’. The delightful trip on a clean and quiet train took just over two hours, and cost me just $5.50! I then rode back via the National Park and Stanwell with a motorcycle that, for the first time, was performing like a true princess. Or is that Princessa! Right then, I’d better book another day at the track…

Of course, I can never spend time at Shed-X without nosing around and discussing the latest builds. This is Brett’s.

There’s a small prize (to be claimed at a bar) for the first person to tell me which model Ducati was the inspiration for Brett’s paint job.


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