The Angel is in the Details

With the project nearing completion, it’s the little things that are now being sorted. It’s these details that make a custom build what it is: a unique motorcycle. Of course, certain details will go unnoticed by most but hopefully will draw the attention of those for whom these things are of interest. Here’s the fuel tap.

Pingel Fuel Tap

Pingel Enterprise Inc make fuel delivery systems for dragsters and other high performance machines. I doubt that La Duchessa needs the high specification part – but it looks (and feels) like quality. Hmm… this is all getting a bit nerdy – some of my friends will accuse me of being an ‘anorak’.

Here’s the exhaust mufflers.

WS Mufflers

I decided to purchase these from Walt Siegl as he fabricates them for his other Leggero builds. But Walt didn’t supply the hanger brackets so these were made up locally for Shed-X. Another detail to consider – without them the exhaust would rattle itself off!

A couple of weeks ago there was no front mudguard fitted. Last week I was thinking about that: I guess it’ll just be red. Then an idea: maybe the green motif could be included in the mudguard. What a surprise when I dropped into the shed and saw that Jim had painted the guard exactly as I’d imagined it. Perhaps he has psychic powers.

Front guard


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